Charlie Sage is a personal coach, and the creator + owner of Project Align. Instagram: @charliesagee

Finding unity between mind, body spirit can help you get what you want and overcome big challenges. 

I’m a life coach focussing specifically on ‘successful consciousness’ and I run a movement, fitness and holistic healing space called “Project Align”. I guide people, show them how to analyse their life from a different perspective, and build a plan to get them where they want to go. 

Connecting mental and physical life goals

A mentor once said to me, “Everything matters, and everything affects everything.” Why that was so important to me was that if my mind, my philosophy, or my way of taking in the world isn’t the best, then I’m probably not feeling the best, which means I’m probably not able to have all the energy I need to access what I can do physically, which means I’m probably not eating the best foods, so I’m not fuelling myself the right way, which means I’m probably not handling my feelings the right way. Everything affects everything. 

I looked at my life and asked, what do I need to get through what I went through as a child, and when I looked at it from a different perspective, I found it wasn’t just one thing; it was all of them. I started to look at myself and said, if I can start to figure this out for myself, maybe there’s something in it that I can share. I didn’t really understand that I was going on this path, but my own healing process showed me that there’s a way to align ourselves in a way that we can access everything that’s inside and power it to an incredible level you’d not think was possible. I found it through these three elements. Our mind, our spirit and our physicality. All these things are vessels for us. 

Growing up

At 16 I found myself in an incredibly dark place. I experienced the crushing realisation that I had been living a life of abuse. I believed that my father loved and took care of me, but his trauma impacted him in a way that would not enable him to heal, and that went on to impact me. It’s an interesting moment, to acknowledge and accept that everything is not OK. But once I allowed that epiphany to settle in, I made the conscious decision to challenge myself to move on, and to invest my own energy into healing it. I delved further into fitness, personal development, mentorship. 

Knowing that you’re on this earth for a purpose, your circumstances don’t block you, rather give you an opportunity to change your perspective and empower yourself. My childhood was something that shaped me, showed my resilience. I wanted to share that with the world, and the universe guided me in a way to let me share it through fitness, healing, and coaching. 

The highest version of yourself

Our ‘highest self’ is infinite. If we talk about our spirit, it relates to the first law of the universe, the law of vibration. Saying ‘be your highest self’, is understanding that our energy and spirit are constantly in a state of expansion. You can always grow. Think of the sun. Feel the heat, feel the pressure, and feel the light that’s possible; think of what you would be doing, where you would be living, what you’d be feeling and who would be around you if you lived in such extreme goodness. Seeing what was possible and living through a lens of ability and abundance means there is infinite potential. We all have access to this growth, so I want people to think, ‘What would you be doing if you were at the top of whatever vision you have for yourself?’

The goodness we have is often kept in the smallest box, but imagine your life if you were only ever challenged by goodness? It’s a stretch for some people. Your highest self is the fullest version you could possibly imagine. Knowing that allows you to change, evolve and expand forever… it’s not something that stops on this earth. 

Successful Consciousness, Today. 

We all have access to this knowledge and skills. A tangible thing that I do every day, and that you can do, is: I wake up and open a journal and write all the ideas I can think of that could bring me closer to my dreams, goals and visions for myself. It’s so simple: make a list of all the things you feel in your heart you should be doing which you haven’t done yet and start knocking them off the list. It could be eating an apple instead of a chocolate bar, going for a walk… any little thing. People should harness this. Start small. If you can do the small things every day, you’ll be able to do the big things. 

Our lives are less about ‘becoming’ than they are about ‘becoming in harmony’ with what we want. When we say we have a dream, when we think it, it’s there, it’s just on a higher frequency. So, if you’re writing down every day the things you can do to bridge yourself towards your goals, visions and dreams, you are being actionable. If you’re putting in action and actually doing it, then you are creating a whole other frequency and vibration that will attract something new. 

Start there. Get the win. Achieve one thing. Then two. Try your best, and your best will always be enough. 


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