My Mom has dealt with panic attacks for years. She’s a naturally anxious person, and it manifests in many ways. I remember once we were on a five-hour road trip, and she had just had her Starbucks and was Ready. To. Go. She was talking a mile a minute. The anxiety of the trip was starting to bare down on her. I said to her “We should just vibe down, listen to music…”, but she couldn’t because of where her mind was already at. 

I gave her two of our capsules, and said to her, “Take this, and I’m going to turn the music up for just five minutes, and we can talk about whatever you want, after.” 

So, we went through 30 minutes, and she was just sitting there, in peace, happy, in the moment. She made the full transition from “What about this and that!?!” and “How are we going to…???”, to “Let’s worry about that when we get there.”

It made it into a peaceful journey, and Mom’s anxiety – for that moment at least – vanished.

Mom continues to use it, having gradually weaned off prescription anxiety meds after 10-15 years using them, and is just on ZoneIn now. 

My Mom is back! 

That’s the coolest part. I’ve seen several of my friends who deal with anxiety just ‘come to peace’ with the moment thanks to CBD. Someone who is anxious is always going to be asking “What are we going to do?” Someone who is depressed is always living in the past, overthinking things that already happened. People who have anxiety are thinking about things that may not even happen. The balance of the two is what you’ve got to find. CBD has done that for people in my life on all points of that spectrum.

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